Principal's Message

" Dear Guardians and Students”, Kalika Manavgyan Secondary School was established with the motto of imparting quality education. It is well facilitated community school. We offer both general and technical education. Under general education, we have classes from Nursery to class 12. We offer......................




Our main goal is to provide proper education to our students by assisting them in their multidimensional development. To do so we provide them with latest technologies and a better environement.


To make sure our students are making progress at the required speed to meet the demands of the society we conduct exams. You can find the exam dates and routines please click the link below.


Results are the scales that measures the progress of our students. You can view results here.

Our Courses


While your little ones will be in a safe, age-appropriate setting, they’ll also be able to satisfy his curiosity and learn about the world around them. Our unique approach to Montessori style learning for young preschoolers is designed to foster independent learning and satisfy the natural energy and curiosity of this age group.

Primary Montessori Day School’s Two’s program is specifically designed for this stage of development; a small class size, frequent bathroom breaks and an environment created for exploration make it the ideal setting for your little one.


Technical Education

Technical Education course is conducted from class 9 to 12 in our school. Technical Courses details only:
Courses in class 9
1)  Engineering Drawing
2) Electrical Engineering
3) Computer Fundamental
4) Fundamental Of Digital Electronics
5) Webpage and Design
6) C Programming
7) Other General Subjects

Courses of Class 10
1) Electronic Devices and Circuit
2) Microprocessor
3) Object Oriented Programming
4) Database Management System
5) Computer Network
6) Computer Repair and Maintenance
7) Other General Subjects

Courses of Class 11
1) Computer Programming
2) Computer Hardware and Architecture
3) Physics
4) Chemistry
5) Maths
6) English

Courses of Class 12
1) Data Communication and Computer Network
2) Web Design and Database
3) Physics
4) Chemistry
5) Maths
6) Nepali
7) English


The expectations for excellence in elementary education have dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Today’s world requires that our children grow up to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students must become not only academically proficient, but also capable of adapting their classroom learning to real-life situations.


We are committed to preparing teachers with the knowledge and skills needed for the 21st century learning environments. Our Secondary Teacher Education bachelor’s degrees offer 10 enriching programs in 9 different disciplines that will challenge you to excel in your content area while equipping you with the tools to become an effective and highly qualified teacher.



Science Faculty is conducted in our school with well experienced and energetic teacher team.

Subjects in Science Faculty:
In Class XI
1) English (sub. code 002)
2) Physics (sub. code 110)
3) Chemistry (sub. code 112)
4) Maths (sub. code 116)
5) Biology(sub. code 114) / Computer Science(sub. code 130) 

In Class XII
1) Nepali
2) English
3) Physics (sub. code 210)
4) Chemistry (sub. code 212)
5) Maths(sub. code 216) / Biology(sub. code 214)